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 Thermal Transfer labels are most commonly used for both short life, single use shipping labels and also long term use barcode labels. A Thermal Transfer Label is printed with a Thermal Transfer Ribbon which creates a much more durable Label that is smudge and scratch resistant compared to a Direct Thermal Label. Although some companies will use Thermal Transfer Labels for single use shipping, this is a much better choice if high durability is required. Since the Ribbon is transferred to the Label by heat, Thermal Transfer Labels can be provided in Glossy options and synthetic materials such as Polyester, Polypropylene, or Tyvek.

Thermal Transfer Labels require a Ribbon to be used when printing. Heat in the thermal transfer head is used to transfer the Ribbon onto the Label. Blank Labels carries an extensive line of stock blank and flood coated colors of Thermal Transfer labels. We also produce and can supply highly durable materials of Thermal Transfer Labels used in the Health Care, Electronics, and Chemical (Drum Label) industries. Our large inventory and quantity discounts of Thermal Transfer Labels allows us to be the online leader in the label industry.

Thermal Transfer Labels are designed to work with Thermal Transfer Printers and Auto Apply Equipment. Typically, this type of label is supplied on rolls or in fanfold stacks. carries both roll labels and fanfold labels with multiple size options to suite your label needs. All of our Thermal Transfer Labels are designed to be multi-purpose for use in all major brands of printers such as Zebra, Sato, Datamax, and Intermec. We only use industry proven materials to manufacture our Thermal Transfer Labels so that our labels will print and stick like they should.

Whether you are printing a few bar code labels at a time or thousands of shipping labels a day, our Labels will fit your every demand. Not seeing what you need? Blank Labels can customize or pre-print your Thermal Transfer label order if you need something out of the ordinary, or need a large quantity. Call one of our label specialists to discuss your needs and find out how we can help save you money and provide you with an exception product!