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Our new materials include our Premium House Brand for Laser and Inkjet Printing, Economy Matte for Laser and Inkjet Printing, Mid Gloss for Laser, High Gloss Photo Finish for InkJet, Fluorescent Colors for both Laser and Ink Jet Printing, and a Highly Durable Matte for Laser and Ink Jet.

Inkjet and Laser Printers have become common in many homes and businesses for printing everything from family photos to confidential checks and beer bottle labels to durable chemical drum labels. has been developing and producing Cut Sheet Labels for use in both Inkjet and Laser Printers for many years and we have become an industry leader in the Sheet Label market. Inkjet and Laser Printers can print on a wide variety of materials and that holds true for labels too! Sometimes it can be difficult to know which type of printer you are using. Here we will cover the basics of each printer and how they compare in performance and cost to help you make the best choice for your label requirements.

Inkjet Printers use a form of liquid ink to create an image. Most inkjet printers spray their ink onto the paper in a series of tiny dots.  The upfront cost of an Inkjet Printer is typically less than a Laser Printer and they are always capable of printing in full color. The ink used in most inkjet printers today is a dye based ink or a pigment based ink. Ink Cartridges for Inkjet Printers will typically cost you more in the long run than Laser Printing if you plan to print a higher volume of sheets. Plan to change your ink cartridges often if you are printing many sheets in full color.

Dye Based Ink:  The leader in the inkjet industry and are typically lower in cost and create a brighter and crisper image. Dye based inks are a great choice for most applications for home and business and when combined with the correct paper can still be more than durable enough for most uses.

Pigment Based Ink:  Durable Ink that can last much longer in situations where the printed document needs to last for many years to come. Pigment based inks are a good choice for highly technical applications or where a durability (ie. Chemical Drum Labeling) are a concern.

If low-quality paper is used with an inkjet printer, the ink may absorb too much into the paper or not dry at all! This can cause the image to look blurry, washed out, or leave you ink smearing. A smooth paper designed for inkjet printing will produce a dry, sharper, and darker image.

Don't let the ink details confuse you too much about inkjet printing! For the typical inkjet printer user, either ink system will work perfectly fine and our labels designed for inkjet printing will work with either type of ink system at home or in the office.

Laser Printers use toner to product an image, not ink. Toner is an electrically charged dry powder that is fused to the paper when heated during the printing process. Laser Printers use a Laser to create your printing image on a Drum which then takes the toner to transfer it to the sheet of paper. The hot Fuser then heats the toner on the paper to fuse them together to create your printed image on the sheet.

Laser Printers will usually cost more upfront, but the cost per page for the toner will be lower and the fused images that Laser Printers produce will be much more durable than those made by an Inkjet Printer. Laser Printers can also print much faster than Inkjet Printers, so if you need to print a lot of sheets every day, the Laser Printer is usually the better choice of the two!

Laser Printers can print fast and they have the ability to create a highly durable image, so in instances where you need a label to last through liquid or chemical spills or be used outdoors in the sunlight, they are the better choice. Blank Labels carries a number of materials suited for Laser Printers and we even carry Polyester and Vinyl labels that can withstand anything you can throw at them!