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Integrated Labels, or Label Forms, combine both a label (or labels) and a plain paper section into one single sheet. Our Integrated Labels are designed to work in both Laser and Inkjet printers.

By combining a Label and Paper form into one sheet, you can increase your productivity and simplify your shipping. Many ecommerce and product-based businesses make use of Integrated Labels to print both a shipping label and a plain paper receipt all in one. Integrated Labels are used in a wide variety of situations including packing operations, doctors’ offices, pharmacies, warehouses, distribution facilities, laboratories and many more.

Blank Labels carriers a full line of stock blank Integrated Labels that can be custom tailored to your specific needs or used as perfect matches for shipping labels through platforms such as eBay™, Amazon™, ShipStaion™, PayPal™, FedEx™, USPS™, and UPS™.

Many large distribution centers will make use of a custom Integrated Label with preprinted return instructions and even a return address label included on the very same form used to print the shipping label that got the item to you in the first place! specializes in both stock and custom Integrated Labels. We produce custom forms for many large distribution centers and would love to take a look at your next idea for a custom Integrated Label.