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Introducing our new ProPackagingSupply® and Premium Life® brands, Blank Labels now carries over 10 different types of materials for our laser / ink jet labels!

At check out, please be sure to select the material of your choice (Premium Life, EcoLine, PhotoLine, LaserLine, etc.).
Our new brands include economy labels, mid to high gloss material, recycled material, fluorescent colors, pastels
, & much more!


View our Extended Product Line of Laser and Ink Jet Labels Below

Cut Sheet Labels are designed to work with Laser and Ink Jet Printers, Copiers, Digital and Offset Presses. We have engineered our labels for success. All of our Cut Sheet Labels are designed to be Multi-Purpose for today's demanding label performance. We have designed many of our products to match popular layouts such as Avery®, eBay®, PayPal®, FedEx®, UPS®, Stamps.com®, and Click-N-Ship® and meet or exceed their OEM label performance in every aspect.

With laser & ink jet labels this high in quality and this low in pricing, you will see why our customers keep coming back to Blank Labels. We can fit every laser label and ink jet label need you have. Whether you are printing a few sheets of Address Labels at a time or thousands of Shipping Labels a day, our Cut Sheet Labels will fit your every demand. We offer an extensive line of Stock Blank Labels designed for specific software such as eBay, PayPal, USPS Click-N-Ship, Microsoft Word, etc.

We also carry a large line of popular stock Integrated Labels, typically used in high demand shipping environments where a combination (integrated) form label sheet is required. Are you not seeing what you need? We also produce custom designed and pre-printed labels to suit every label requirement, with many different types of label material.

Please check out our Custom Label capabilities for Laser and Ink Jet Labels and contact us for a custom laser label quotation!
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