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With our new ProPackagingSupply® Brands, Blank Labels brings you carefully selected and engineered varieties of materials for your label printing needs!


We can also customize your order to fit your quantity, color, material, & dimension requirements.

Feel free to place an order on our site and be sure to select the type of material you want, the quantity you desire, and see how the price changes by the quantity selected. If you have any issues or questions please don't hesitate to give us a call!

If you prefer to give us your specifications for you custom blank label order to recieve a custom quote, please give us a call or click here to fill out our custom label quote request form.

Below you will find a list and explanation of standard materials stock materials. Please Contact us directly if you have any special requests and let Blank Labels be your one stop shop for all your label and shipping needs!

Blank Labels Stock Sheet Label Materials:

Our Standard Premium Matte White Labels are designed for both Laser and Ink Jet Printing. Designed to perform in a wide range of areas. Bright White, Smooth Finish, and a High Tack Adhesive means it works where most other labels won't. (Laser / Inkjet)

EcoLine™ is our Economy Grade White Matte sheet. This is our "Import Battler"! A lower cost option where the higher resolutions and tacky adhesives aren't required. A great choice for standard address and shipping labels. Support USA Labor! (Laser / Inkjet)

PhotoLine™ is our Ink Jet Photo Gloss Sheet for High Resolution printing and instant dry ink on Ink Jet printers. Print Photo Quality labels right from your desk top ink jet printer! An excellent choice for CD/DVD Labeling or home use where high resolutions and photo quality results are desired. (Inkjet Only)

LaserLine™ is our Gloss Laser sheet for extended durability and liquid resistance with Laser imaging. Quality Imaging results with the added shine and durability of a gloss finished label. A great choice for print shops and a more professional laser imaging result. (Laser Only)

  • RemLine™
  • Our Removable Matte White sheet for easy removal labels. When you need your labels to be cleanly removed, here is your answer. Our Removable Adhesive is designed to work on a wide range of materials and still remove cleanly when the time comes. Great for FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) Labels! (Laser / Inkjet)

BriteLine™ are our Fluorescent Colors for both Laser and Ink Jet imaging. Available in Yellow, Red, Pink, Orange, and Green. When you need your labels to stand out, this is your best bet with our high intensity Fluorescent Colors. (Laser / Inkjet)

  • ClearLine™
    • Our Clear frosted sheet for use on both Laser and Ink Jet Printers. Works very well for address labeling or anytime a clear label is needed to help show through the background material. (Laser / Inkjet)
  • PolyLine™
    • Our Durable White Laser and Ink Jet compatible sheet. When a high durable label is needed, this is your answer. Works well for outdoor labeling (Laser recommended) or for product labels that need to be tear and liquid resistant. (Laser / Inkjet)

Blank Labels Thermal Roll and Fanfold Label Materials:
  • Direct Thermal - Our material is always BPA Free and works in all Direct Thermal capable roll printers. Medium sensitivity with an all temp adhesive.
  • Thermal Transfer - Clay coated with an aggressive all temp adhesive. Works perfect on all ribbons, especially ours!

Blank Labels Ink Jet Roll Label Materials designed for a wide range of digital roll printers:
  • White Matte
  • High Gloss White
  • High Gloss Poly
  • Matte Poly